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Real Men Vs Boys

A real man would own up to his mistakes. A real man would be able to be himself around her. A real man would never let her cry. A real man would allow her into his world then create their own world together. A real man is faithful. But you’re just a boy. You don’t think about the consequences of your actions. Living for today and tomorrows satisfactions. You’re just a boy who hides behind a mask of lies. You’re just a boy who is apathetic to how she feels.You’re just a boy who will never come to love her even though she’s come to love you because you allowed her to..


Sometimes the things in life that gets to us the most are how we are lied to from the people we have come to love. It’s hard because you ask yourself, “how could they do that to me?” The person we thought “loved” us, really? Now your view on them has been distorted. You question the things they say is true because if they’d do it once then they’d do it again. Sometimes, when we forgive the people who have caused us pain, ask yourself how they asked for your forgiveness. Did they say only, “I’m sorry”?  Sometimes sorry is just not going to cut it, the simplicity of those words should mean nothing. Forgive and forget? More like just forgive and then regret.

Dear girls,
You don’t need to strip down to your bra & panties, bend over to show your cleavage, biting your lips to get attention. You think your beauty is based on the amount of likes/comments you get on those pictures, coming from guys who don’t even care about you? I know you love the attention, it makes you feel wanted, noticed, loved. But it’s not the kind of attention you want for yourself. Guys will see you as ‘easy’. Try putting some clothes on, & hey, show us your naked face. See who still notices, cause they are ones who matter. You’re beautiful just by showing us who you are all covered up, might sound corny but, it’s true.
Nick Pallauf
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